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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Do Not Use Your Dongle At Home!

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Did you know that a mobile dongle is designed for light internet use only? No wonder it takes forever (and we really mean forever) to stream videos at home when using one! Dongle is technically inferior to a home modem, which is optimized for better power and indoor signal performance!

Convinced you need both Home and On-the-go plans but not willing to pay the price? Don’t fret, with the P1 ONE Plan, you get two modems to give you the best broadband experience inside out!

Don’t ‘potong stim’ your internet experience and get it right with P1 ONE Plan from only RM 49 a month! Available from September 15th onwards, there are plenty of promotions available for new subscribers, so visit P1's official web-site for more details!