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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Push This Facebook Button Wild!

Be a part of this movement - HTC Like it. Push it.
Share what you like with a push of a button on the HTC ChaCha.  Today’s daily topic is: B-boying vs Shuffling.  ‘Like’ which you prefer and you’ll be in the running to win GSC movie tickets or the ultimate grand prize - HTC ChaCha phone! Get your friends to ‘like’ which they prefer too by sharing it on your Facebook wall. And also do remember to complete a slogan with the tagline “Like it, Push it.”  Now you’ll be in the running to be the first with the news, chatting up with your friends and exude the cool factor, all and only with a HTC ChaCha at the grasp of your hand.


Fadzmie Mohamad said... [Reply]

Patut HTC tambah satu lagi button. Button Google+. Haha. Baru ngam.

MyGamanBorNeo said... [Reply]

@Fadzmie Mohamad oh ya ... selalu dengar org cakap pasal Google+ ... apa gia tu?