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Monday, 24 January 2011

Happy Birthday My Dear Sister

Cap ... cap ... cap ... Cap kipas udang
You are my adik, you are my only sister
We look back in time, young & very innocent
Seeing the world through our eyes
Memories we hold safe in our heart
To sometimes unwrap with a smile and the comfort of a sigh

Now my little sister is grown,
And a woman u have become
The woman I call sister
Is someone who is there

The woman I call sister

Is someone who always cares
Its so good to know someone special, who shares,
My secrets, my laughter, my dreams and my cares,
Someone through good times and bad, when there's tears,
It's so good to know you , my sister and my best friend...
... through the years,
(: Happy Birthday My Dear Sister :)
May God Bless You 


Bay said... [Reply]

Wow! Very interesting blog you had here! Wish to connect with you on Google Friend Connect! Cheers! =) (http://whimsicalss.blogspot.com/)

Mrs.MyGaman BorNeo said... [Reply]

TQ Bay :)