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Friday, 25 November 2011

Here's To The Refreshingly Different !

CLICK & Hop on over to the Tiger Crystal FB page for the deeds!

**This is a campaign for an alcohol related brand and is meant only for non-muslims above 18 years of age**

Here's to the refreshingly different! Get a taste of the full-flavoured, refreshing beer that's filtered at -1°C.

Touted as a quality brew with the crisp clear taste, Tiger Crystal in its sleek package won over the taste buds of beer lovers worldwide. Some enjoy it during after hour sessions at their favourite hang out spots while others simply pair it with their favourite cuisine over dinner. Sipping on an icy cold Tiger Crystal sounds like a plan too cool to resist!

Being refreshingly different as the brand suggests, Tiger Crystal would like to send you on a sub zero escapade to a place so cool that water freezes with time. Hop on over to the Tiger Crystal Facebook page for the deeds, baby!